"Empowering schools to move from traditional to transformational"

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Our Vision

At CSSR, our dedication to making a difference in education is based on the belief that all youth can achieve levels of competence in personal development, problem solving, communication, and social responsibility that will lead them to be well-adjusted, healthy, and productive adults.

Our Mission

To significantly improve student performance by providing stakeholders with a clear path, tools, and support for making major changes in practice – whether from traditional to transitional, or from transitional to transformational.  This is accomplished through capacity building to support personalization, leadership, and culture change practices; and through enabling the change process by effectively influencing policymaking at the local, state, and federal levels.

Values Driven

We are driven by our desire to be the voice of student-centered engagement and empowerment at the highest levels of policy and practice. We believe that too many decisions that impact learning and teaching are being made by those individuals who are furthest away from those who really make the biggest impact – teachers and students.

Leading National Reform