About CSSR

Since 2005, the Center for Secondary School Redesign, Inc. (CSSR) has been a leading provider of groundbreaking technical assistance to support policy and culture change at the federal, state, district, and school levels. Our work leads to a richer and more personalized secondary school experience for all youth. Utilizing a school change coach model, a virtual office, and a coast-to-coast  network of nationally recognized school change coaches, we work to implement targeted change initiatives. In addition to technical assistance, CSSR provides professional development, strategic planning, research, and support for schools and districts throughout the country.


CSSR Scope of Work


 Our Vision

At CSSR, our dedication to making a difference in education is based on the belief that all youth can achieve levels of competence in personal development, problem solving, communication, and social responsibility that will lead them to be well-adjusted, healthy, and productive adults.

 Our Mission

To significantly improve student performance by providing stakeholders with a clear path, tools, and support for making major changes in practice – whether from traditional to transitional, or from transitional to transformational. This is accomplished through capacity building to support personalization, leadership, and culture change practices; and through enabling the change process by effectively influencing policymaking at the local, state, and federal levels.


We are driven by our desire to be the voice of student-centered engagement and empowerment at the highest levels of policy and practice. We believe that too many decisions that impact learning and teaching are being made by those individuals who are furthest away from those who really make the biggest impact – teachers and students.


CSSR Values


Guiding Principles:

  • Meeting clients where they are, and not where CSSR or others in the system wish they were; demonstrating humility.
  • Working to create strong partnerships with clients characterized by effective communication and regular and candid evaluation of performance against expectations.
  • Going the extra mile to meet client needs.
  • Providing clients with expertise concerning the transformational practices that result in improved student performance.
  • Providing clients with the expertise required to support the development of culture change practices that build team, leadership, and infrastructure capacity.
  • Embracing and managing resistance as an essential element of the change process.
  • Providing the support necessary for the individual, team, and organizational courage required to overcome resistance and embrace a compelling vision for change.
  • Providing a methodology for driving individual and team role clarity in support of the role changes required to support new practices.
  • Providing targeted PD for teachers and administrators that is guided by the tenets of adult learning.
  • Providing realistic timeframes and steps for the implementation of specific transformational practice.
  • Walking away from current or potential projects if the conditions are not conducive to generating positive results for students.


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