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The i3 New England Network Technical Assistance Platform is an interactive online technical assistance guide to support schools and districts in moving towards a culture of student-driven learning by sharing resources and experiences from the i3 New England Network for Personalization and Performance.

i3 logoThe i3 New England Network, funded in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation fund, is a partnership between the Center for Secondary School Redesign, and Plymouth (MA) Public Schools. Additional funding support was provided by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and the Rural Schools and Community Trust. CSSR was the main technical assistance provider for this five-year project to develop personalized learning environments in thirteen high schools across four states – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Participating schools implemented transformative redesign strategies like: incorporating student voice and choice into school governance structures; utilizing performance-based assessment; and transitioning towards competency-based progressions.

On November 10, 2015 the i3 TA Guide was shared during the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools. The event highlighted students, educators, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who are reinventing the high school experience to better empower students to seize opportunities in today’s economy, and prepare students for success in college and career. The Summit featured a number of new and ongoing projects┬áthat incorporate more personalized, authentic and hands-on learning experiences – key redesign elements in the thirteen schools of the i3 New England Network.

Ecosystem of Student Driven LearningThe i3 TA Guide presents the “Ecosystem of Student Driven Learning,” and offers a wealth of resources organized around five elements of work: Culture of Inquiry, Power of a Network, Shared Leadership, Student Agency, and Student Driven Learning. Driven by CSSR’s unique approach to both instructional and organization change, each element in the ecosystem is further broken down on a spectrum from traditional through transitional to transformational, as schools move from an industrial model of education towards a student-centered model of education. This spectrum is reflected in the downloadable tool: School Personalization: Traditional, Transitional & Transformational.

For each of the five elements of work, a full-text downloadable pdf version is available. The site also includes a library of rich videos to share stories of student-centered experiences through the voices of students, educators and CSSR coaches in the thirteen schools of the i3 New England Network. Finally, the site hosts a vast archive of over 110 tools including student reflections, journal articles, technical assistance tools, and school-developed materials like bell schedules and operating guidelines for site council or senior project.

A primary function of the i3 Investing in Innovation fund is the expansion of innovative practices that are demonstrated to have an impact on student achievement. We are proud to offer this uniquely extensive resource as a way to not only tell a story of innovation, but ensure that the work is sustained and able to serve as a catalyst for other sites interested in doing similar work.

The i3 New England Network Technical Assistance Platform can be accessed off our homepage, and is found at: i3.cssr.us.